Moving to canada from US - car lease

Hi everyone ,
i m planning to move from seattle to vancouver canada in around dec based on family sponsorship to canadian citizen.

my question is related to a car lease i bought when i was in US. it expire in 2022 dec and i want to know whether i can keep driving it in canada while paying the lease till it expire .

Since you don’t own the vehicle you can’t import it into Canada without the authorization of the Financial Company who owns the vehicle.

You should talk to them and ask about this, my hunch is that most companies will not allow this and you will either need to pay off your loan and become the owner of the vehicle or transfer the lease to someone else and leave the vehicle behind.

I had a car lease in the US and I had to give it up and pay the remaining 2 months of lease. You can always use services like for someone to take over your lease. The other option is to of course purchase the vehicle from your lessor.