Moving to Canada on PR but working in US on H1B

I have a visitor visa for Canada and My wife has a PR, so i will apply for spousal PR as soon as she moves to Canada. I am of Indian Nationality. I am not concerned about my CA status as that will be resolved. My main concern is about the US questions that i have posted in the previous message.

I am a H1B visa holder (Fulltime Work From Home situation, submitted my Ann Arbor, MI address on H1B and PERM LCA). My wife is a Canadian PR holder. She did her soft landing in 2019, stayed there for hardly 6months. so she needs to stay for 2 more years to at least get the PR extension and thats why she is short on time and needs to move to Windsor asap. She works Full time in Michigan WFO so she will have to do the daily commute to MI. My company has started my US PR in December. They are going to file my PERM this month (which i have come to know is taking over 9months now) and then they will file for I-140 once PERM is certified.
My question is:

  1. Is it ok if i move to Windsor with my wife and do a daily commute to US with her while my PERM and I140 is in process.
  2. What will be the implication on my my PERM application if they come to know that i am living in Windsor.
  3. Do i need to inform HR that i am moving to Windsor, Ontario even though i plan to come to Michigan USA everyday for work. H1B and PERF LCA has ann arbor address filed for Work. My wife works at UofM and she has to come to office everyday.

P.S. I cannot ask all these questions to my Company Attorney. Any help or advice will be appreciated.

Simple answer - You have pay taxes to both countries. Essentially there is a treaty, so your US W2 income will be converted to CAD and then Canada will tax you. Given you will pay to IRS, they subset you need to pay to CRA. Its pain in the neck but doable.

As far as the H1B is concerned, you should be ok as long as you NEXUS to cross boarder easily.