Moving to Canada with a work permit after ITA submission


I am in a weird situation. I have received an ITA and will be submitting all the forms soon. However, parallely my future Canadian employer is also applying for my work permit and it is highly likely that the work permit will come before the PPR.

In this case, can I continue the rest of the steps for my PR (PPR etc.) from within Canada? What do I need to do to let IRCC know about my new address.

thanks in advance!


Hi Vishal… are you currently residing in India?

I think @anon51722411 had a similar situation.

@vishal1- I don’t see any issue. Please go ahead

@usa2can- I think, we both were in this situation :slight_smile:

No, I am in the US. This is my country of residence. India is my country of origin.

if you don’t mind, can you tell me how the PR would materialize in my case? Where will get the PPR?
And how would I let IRCC know about my new address in Canada when I move?


Theoretically yes, but since I never used or landed on the approved work permit, I thought you might provide a better and real-life perspective.
From application perspective, yes, WP and PR applications are completely independent, and being in a particular stage of PR does not impact the WP application at all.

One thing I am not entirely sure is once we have both PR and WP approved, do we have the option to land using a WP or not. Or whether the WP would be cancelled as soon as you land.

A practical benefit of landing on a WP is that you don’t have to go through the formalities of importing a car and can drive your US car for upto 36 months . Wish, I had known this earlier :slight_smile: