Moving to Montreal after FSW PPR


After waiting for a long time, I received PPR. When waiting I did research and liked Montreal. I speak french, Montreal has good AI startups and good cost of living. But, I don’t want to break any rules.

If do landing in Toronto and give Montreal address for the PR card will there be a problem? Has anyone else here moved to Montreal by FSW?

Let me know please. Thank you!

FSW means you can go anywhere in Canada.

Hi, Why do you have the option? Do you have addresses both in Montreal and somewhere else in Canada? Will you be just passing through Toronto, or are you planning on staying over in Toronto for a time?
You may not need a permanent address at this point because it’s common for new residents (As PR) to not yet have residential address. Given the fact that Quebec has embarked upon a very restrictive and bureaucratic immigration policy, you may be best to register the PR in Toronto first (If you have that option) and then deal with the transfer to Quebec later. PR status granted under the FSW is valid anywhere in the country.
Once you establish in Montreal, you will need to register for RAMQ (Quebec health care) and for that you need evidence of a local address, but you can deal with that later.

Hello @hslawd ,

Thank you for detailed answer. I plan to land in Toronto because I read that I can’t do landing anywhere in Quebec with FSW. This is why I will land in Toronto and take care of landing at the airport. Please let me know if what I read is wrong. If I am wrong, I prefer going directly to Montreal.

I will probably stay in Toronto for a week just to see Toronto and then travel to Montreal after that. So, I want to give Montreal address to officer to ship my PR card. So, I am afraid the Toronto officer will raise issue if I am not supposed to go to Montreal on FSW. If that is no problem, then I am happy. But, if that is a problem, then I will plan to move to Toronto. This is my question. Do you see any issues with this?

Thank you in advance!

Hi Vjr. I am an integration Specialist, not an Immigration Specialist. I deal with the process of managing transitions to Montreal from other countries … other than the immigration legalities. Immigration issues, particularly where Quebec is involved, are bizarrely complex and need to be dealt with through an immigration attorney. Having said that, it’s most likely correct that if you have a CSQ (Cerificat de Selection de Quebec) you will probably need to process the PR in Montreal. If you don’t have a CSQ, you are most likely better off to have your PR formalities processed in Toronto, it would let you fly under the radar of Quebec Immigration. You will be free to relocate to Montreal at will once you have PR status recorded and can then register in Quebec for Social Insurance, RAMQ (Health Care), Driver’s License, etc., and be employed in Quebec. This simply allows you to enter through a different, and less bureaucratic, door, but the end result is the same.
I assume the residential address you record on entry is not critical at that point, but I don’t know that for a fact. Sorry I can’t be more specific. Hope this helps.


Many of the more mundane issues dealt with at RAMQ (Quebec health) just depend on which agent you happen to draw and this is one of those points. However, you should be good to go with:

Your PR card
2nd photo I.D.
Proof of local address.
$12 for cost of photo.
The health card will be mailed to you three calendar months from the date on which you apply.
The only office in the Montreal area which can register new arrivals from other countries is at 425 de Maisonneuve Blvd. West, 3rd Floor. Office hours 08:30 through 16:30 weekdays, except Wednesday which is 10:00 through 16:30. 418-646-4636
Because of COVID 19 restrictions, call ahead to check what current scheduling restrictions are. Normally it’s just a walk-in situation.


Here’s the current news release regarding the COVID 19 restrictions.

Depending on when you are planning to arrive, and if you don’t feel comfortable with losing control of your original documents, you may consider postponing the RAMQ registration for a while, but you can discuss this factor with the RAMQ agent by phone.

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