Moving US brokerage account

I’m currently working in US and just got my Canadian PR. I have concrete plans of moving to Canada after 2 years. I’m planning to open a US brokerage account and wanted to know the implications when moving. I did some research and found it is possible to transfer normal brokerage account(with stocks, ETF’s) to a Canadian account. Does anyone have experience doing this and any recommendations on US brokers that help with easy transfer.

Wealthsimple seems to be one option that I know of. Open the account when you are employed in the US and open the canadian one once you have your bank account and address setup.

I haven’t used wealthsimple in US, so I’m not sure what rates you get when they transfer over your account or how they’d transfer it (in one of the forums, the feedback about the rates was quite bad, ymmv).

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