Moving without a Job

I’ll be moving to Canada on PR from the US without a job offer in hand. There’s no option to delay else I’ll lose my PR. My employer won’t allow remote work either.

I want to give myself solid 6 months to find a good job in fullstack development.

Question is - what can I do to survive for next 5-6 months if I don’t want to drain my savings? Appreciate any inputs. Thanks

I don’t know if you’ll have much choice than to rely on your savings in your circumstances. Maybe you can find some kind of entry level work to keep you afloat in the meantime? It probably won’t be something that’s ideal for you, but it can provide some kind of buffer. If I were in your position, I’d probably jump at the first job offer I got that fits with your requirements. If you haven’t gotten anything solid that you like in a month or so, you may have to look at jobs outside of your specific expertise to get by. Good luck!

If you’ve not landed already, have you considered a soft landing? That will reset the clock and give you 3 years to move permanently.

The job market can be brutal (especially if you’re moving to a big city like Toronto), and I’ve known people who spent months hunting for a job that matches their background and qualifications. You can do an entry level gig or menial work (eg. uber, office admin) to offset living costs, but that will eat away your time and energy. If you decide to go down this path, might as well as start it asap and send out applications. Its not impossible, but not ideal as well.

In the interest of not starting over, have you looked at remote opportunities anywhere in the world? With covid a lot of tech companies are getting very friendly toward permanent remote employees. And this is something your employer should consider as well… if immigration/payroll is their concern, you can work as a contractor or use a PEO (search the forums for more info on these options). Definitely pitch this idea to them as I’m sure they also do not want to lose a tenured employee.

I didn’t mean to scare you, but it is important to keep yourself honest through this process and make sure you move the needle in your favor. Hope everything works out for you, best of luck!

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I had sent you a direct message (PM) 1-2days ago about a full stack developer requirement in my known person’s company… Still waiting for your response if you want to give interview there…

I think @ak45 has already covered options for you. In the end, it’ll come down to what’s more important for you.

Here are my thoughts:
When you make such a big move and if you don’t get intended results quickly you can get frustrated. That’s where your energy will count. If you’re in a temporary job then you won’t have same energy and patience for your ideal job’s search.

You can check the minimum that you’d need to live a simple life and focus on job search. Do you have that kind of money in savings for 6 months? If you do, take that and come. If you’re working hard then with luck you find the job you’re looking for. If you find it before 6 months then that’s your saving too. I’m not suggesting that you exhaust all your savings but open it up for yourself. Maybe start a temporary job once it seems your considerable savings are going away.

Of course, in the end it’s about the kind of risk you’re willing to take. Sounds like you don’t have many options from your current employer so you also got to do what you got to do.

Hi @Gladiator … Just wanted to know how it worked out for you? I am in a similar situation and would appreciate any inputs.