MOVNorth Toronto Meetup Saturday Aug 10, 2019

Our 2nd meetup in Toronto is going to take place on August 10. RSVP here

It’s a great opportunity to meet other engineers who have recently made the transition from US to Canada.

Good times @ our first meetup in May


Hey guys,

I’m moving to GTA around 2nd/3rd August; flying from CA to NJ and then driving from NJ->NY and then across the border. I’d love to meet you guys in person.

I noticed there were some kids in the pic from last meet-up. Is this a family kinda social meet-up and is it just for engineering folks or are you guys open to have Tech. Program/Project Mgmt. folks too?



Our first meetup was engineers only, those kids are of an engineer couple that recently moved from the Bay Area. The Aug 10 meetup however is for engineers and their families. If you are closely tied to the tech industry as product managers or devops you are welcome to attend to.

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This sounds like a great opportunity. Thanks for setting it up! I am waiting for a PPR (AOR - Mar’19). If it comes in soon, I shall plan my soft landing around it. :blush:

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hi all,

I’m hoping to make it to the meetup. We are moving in october, but making a trip to toronto during the August 10/11 weekend.

Looking forward to the meetup.


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We are moving on August 8 so hopefully we’ll be there for this meetup. Looking forward to meeting you all! :slight_smile:

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We will be there too. Looking forward to all of you.

We moved last week of may. We plan to attend this event. Looking forward to meet you guys.

A picture from our meetup earlier this month. It was great meeting and chatting with everyone. We had such a wide representation of folks who have moved from every part of the US - Bay Area, Colorado, Utah, Texas, Boston and more. Thanks for coming!


Thanks for organizing the meetup , @Vik and @deepac
It was nice to meet fellow movnorth members with whom we were interacting virtually, so far.
Looking forward to more such meetups in future.

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Thanks for arranging the meetup @vik and @deepac .

It was great to hangout and interact with everyone!

We are looking forward to moving in the next 2-3 months

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Thanks for organizing this! Felt great to meet you all.

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