MS in Technology Management from US or BE IT from India

Hey there,
I have been working in US since past 9 years as Sr Business Intelligence Architect (in layman’s term it’s related to computer/IT Database and reporting). I am planning to apply for EE in next few weeks. Already gave my IELTS and preparing rest of the documents. Does it matter if my MS in US did not relate much to my current work profile? As in courses in my MS did not have much related to computers but my Bachlors in Information Technology was all about computers and Databases. Should I submit evaluation for MS or MS and BE both?

You will only need MS ECA. The “related work” is related to the NOC code so you should choose NOC code that matches with your work experience that you choose to get reference letter for.

To add to what @avj said your education does not have to match your work. Your NOC code is probably 2172. You will get max points for 3 years of your work experience.