Multiple employment records being asked while uploading documents


While filling my Express Entry Profile, I provided details of multiple jobs I have had so far.
Now while uploading the documents required for job experience for reference letters, my expectation was that I had to upload just one document which would be a merged document of all jobs reference letters.

However, in the upload page, I see separate upload options for each individual job.

Do I need to upload separate reference letter for each job ? or a merged one ?

Please provide your inputs based on experiences.

Either works. You can upload the same, merged document for all of them and mention in your letter of explanation that you did so, or you can split the document and upload one reference letter pertaining to each job. This assumes you have obtained a letter of experience, including duties, salary, etc., from each position that you’ve listed in your employment history.

I think that splitting them and uploading the relevant document to each position would be better to avoid confusion, but as far as I understand, you won’t be penalized as long as everything required is present.

Thank you @northern