Multiple NOC confusion

Hi. I am just starting with my EE profile creation and really confused on the Work Exp part.

I have total of 6 years work exp, and 3 companies: 1 year as new media editor; 1 years 9 months as communications officer/website editor; 3 year and 3 months as daiy news director and deputy editor-in-chief.

It seems that the first 2 years 9 months should be classified as 5122 - Editors, and the lateset 3 years 3 month should be classified as 0512 -

But it seems that I only could choose one on NOC, my question is:

  1. All 6 years work exp is related to editorial staff, so should I choose 5122 - Editors as my, so that I can get higher score in EE and CRS?

  2. or I should choose 0512 Managers as primary, so that I can get higher score?

Thank you so much!