My application in CIC is complete and showing 100 % but no eailfrom cic yet

Hi All ,

My cic application got completed recently and progress bar shows 100 % .
I have not got any email from CIC yet regarding my COPR .
Did any one recently had the same issue?
How many days is taking now for a confirmation email after your application in cic is shwoing 100 %

100% does not mean anything , all it means the 6 months has passed - does it show It was approved? If not it is still in process and is taking longer than the average 6 months process

Hi Wally ,

Thanks a lot for replying . I submitted around 25th Dec 2019 and completion date was being shown as 25th June 2020. So it has passed those 6 months now .
so what you re saying is its talking more time than usual 6 months .

Yes, it simply means it is still in process, some people it takes 3 months , others more, none too k almost 1 year before getting the approval.

Hi Vivek,
I am in the same situation as you are. The time period of 6 months is just a standard time that comes with any application.
Today I have submitted a webform enquiring about the application.

Is the address of the form. Haven’t received any response yet but will reply here if I hear anything from them.

Also came to know about another process called GCMS notes…Please do your research about it.


Thanks very much for the same. I have heard about the GCMS notes but never tried to get more information. Will check and let you know .
You can email me directly in case you hear anything at