My CRS is higher than cutoff but I didn't get an ITA?


Hi Anshul,

I am 33 and my IELTS score is L 8.5, R 9, W 8, S 7. My wife is 31 and her score is L 9, R 8, W 7.5, S 8.5. Rest of our profile is more or less same. Because of the age difference and the scores, she would be the principal applicant.

Our CRS score would have been 438 but due to delay in getting WES evaluation done, it is going to be 433. So we are further away from the current cut-off scores. I am still hoping to be able to qualify for OINP. Few months back when EE cut-off was 444, OINP cut-off was 433. But it seems they haven’t issued invitation for Human Capital Stream for last couple of months . So not sure what to make of it.


What is your highest qualification (and your wife’s)? With those IELTS scores (CLB9) and age your CRS score should be much greater.


We both have B. Tech degrees.


Yes I calculated your scores assuming bachelors degrees and they make sense now. You can try OINP or QSW (in fact try to get nomination from any province that has some job opportunities in your area).


Thanks Anshul. I am already looking into OINP. QSW is a grey area for me, I need to explore more. I also checked other PNPs but either those require job offer (like BC) or may not have much opportunities in IT (like SINP). Thanks for your input and please let me know if you can think of any other program that I should explore.