My CRS score is 441


I will be applying for PR via EE soon. I’ve already mailed my transcripts to WES and now waiting for my ECA. My current score is 441 and from what I have read so far, cut off is 441. I am really nervous being at the border line. What are my chances of getting the ITA? If I add my spouse’s education, score will jump to 449 but it will take another month or two to get her transcripts. We don’t want to wait till then. Should I go ahead and submit the application as soon as I get my ECA? Can we add my spouse’s ECA later?

Thank you !

@avj @mrandmrs can someone please guide me?

I think Yes you can update application later and add spouse education later to increase points…
For now you can create profile with 441 and if you get ITA with 441 then good…otherwise you can update it anytime to increase anytime when you have updates like spouse eca or Bette ielts score

Would it be possible to provide a break up of your score?

Core/Human capital factors = 323

Spouse factors
Level of education = 8
First Official Languages = 18
Canadian work experience = 0
Spouse factors = 26

Skill transferability factors = 100

Grand total = 449

If we exclude Spouse’s Education then score will be 449-8 =441

If cutoff is same as crs score and if they have to break the tie they use the date and time profile was submitted as a tie breaker. We don’t know what the next cutoff will be. Submit application asa you can. Then update when you get spouse’s ECA.

I concur with anshul. Key is to do it together as you might have one or two draws to wait through but when it does get picked, you can process both at the same time.

Thank you all for guiding me.