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After receiving ITA.

Thanks @avj

Thanks @avj

Hi I’m Karthik. Currently on H1B and nearing end of my 6 years term. I have time until March 2019. I have been trying for Canada express entry program since 2016 and scored 7.5 band in IELTS. I also got my ECA done for educational transcripts etc and got stuck at a point where I’m short of points for express entry, Inspite of all the qualifications. I have a masters degree from UK and have been working on H1B in US since 2013. Have 11 years of experience in IT.

My current situation is that my company cheated me by promising to file PERM however they backed out in the last minute and now I’m not left with enough time to move to another company who can process my GC. Have heard about county sponsorship PNIP where we can gain more points to qualify for express entry. Please guide me on how to proceed further. I don’t mind returning to India as long as I’m accepted in the pool. I also heard there’s is another way to apply for PR for people on H1B where express entry is not required. Please help me here?

You should consider retaking IELTS and scoring CLB 9 that will improve your points dramatically I believe.
Another option is to get a job in Canada or considering higher education in Canada if you are up for it. Most of the times for provincial nomination you need to be working/studying/have a job offer from that province.

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Make sure to use the latest NOCs. Below is the link to 2016 NOC datadbase.

Hi guys I am new on the platform and need help with EE application procedure. I have a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Cape Town in South Africa and have already had my qualifications evaluated by WES and and now making an appointment to write IELTS.

Just wanted to know if I am on the right track.


Yes you are. It’s never too late, however check your CRS score using - as long as your score is above 450 based on your ballpark IELTS score, you should be good.

Thanks so much for the encouraging advice…do I necessarily need a Lawyer to help me through the application or I can do this on my own?? Also I have been receiving calls from I think bogus agents who request info from my credit card!!!..

You don’t need a lawyer; you can file your application yourself :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for the feedback!!!