Navigating Canadian Job-Hunt from India

Hi Guys,
My name is Ashutosh Bhosle, and I am currently working as a Data-Scientist at a mid-size company in Massachusetts,USA.
My OPT STEM extension will be expiring soon and out of the two H1B tries which I made, I have not been sucessful in getting H1B.
My question is as follows:

  1. I have approximately 3 years of experience in core data-science/machine-learning
    functionalities at my current company.I have handled ad-hoc issues of majority of their
    clients in past 3 years. Prior to my work experience, I had obtained a MIS degree from
    Carnegie Mellon University,PA,USA and Bachelors in Computer Engineering degree from
    University of Mumbai.Currently I am 24 years old.
    What are my chances of landing a job in Toronto,Vancouver,Montreal given my profile?
    What will be the best resources to look out for these jobs.
  2. As my employer is temporarily shifting me to India, I think most of my job-hunt will be
    based out of India.How difficult would it be to navigate through Canadian job-hunt from
    India and has someone gone through the same experience? If yes please reply me here.

Without an existing status in Canada it will be hard. Canadian companies were traditionally inexperienced international hiring. Things are changing now especially in tech this is why I launched MOV North HIRE to help them find people like you. I recommend signing up.

Thanks Vik,
Kudos for building this platform. It hits in the right spot for people searching alternate opportunities.
Based on your answer,
Does this mean, I will have to start the procedure of PR and then start applying?
Also is it significantly difficult to apply for PR/EE from India as compared to USA because of perception etc?
Thanks for your reply again.

For PR process it all comes down to whether you clear the cutoff score, get an ITA and are able to submit all documents correctly. Perception has no role to play in the EE PR process.

Applying for PR from the US or India makes no difference. Canada does not have any country-based quota allocation so you can apply from India with the same ease. :slight_smile:

Hi guys,

Any experience in getting a local Canadian number to include in your resumes while applying for jobs from US ?

I am in some kind of dilemma on how to actually navigate through the Canadian Job Market using my US Cell number.


You can download the TextNow app. It lets you choose a Canadian number which you can provide in your resume.


Thank you for the suggestion but can I choose a local canadian number on it ?

Yes, you can.