Need an extension for submitting passports for COPR

Hi all,

We have received a request from IRCC to submit our passports for COPR in less than 30 days.
We got selected in the Express Entry draw more than a year ago, when we were both working in the US, but since then I have had to leave the US for work.
Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to get back into US due to consulate closures, while my wife still works in the US.
IRCC has asked us both to mail our passports to IRCC (an option only available to people in the US).
With my wife being in the US and me in India, we’re unable to mail our passports together and our emails to IRCC requesting an extension to the 30 day deadline have been left unanswered.
We only have 20 days remaining and we are not sure how to get a hold of someone in IRCC.

Is there a phone number or an alternate email via which we can reach out to IRCC?
Has anyone else been in a similar situation?

I had a couple of international conferences to attend after we received our passport request. I simply replied to the email I received from them clearly explaining the situation and asked for an extension for 3 months. They granted it instantly!

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We were in a similar situation until recently. We were in India when they asked us to submit the passports so we replied to the email explaining how we can’t send the passports at that moment but the email was never answered. We then submitted 4 web forms in the span of 6 months with the same and none of those were answered. And after so many attempts and 6 months of ghosting they answered asking us to submit our passports to VFS with the expired letter. After submitting that to the VFS we got our passports within a week with copr and Visas.

So I would say keep trying and write multiple emails/ web forms if you have to. Eventually they will respond. Best of luck!

P.S. We also submitted out ATIP request in addition to the emails, web forms but they never responded to that as well.

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@nitindasari95 Thanks, that sounds exhausting and relieving at the same time.
Did you submit your passports to VFS in India?
I have been emailing them at but do not know of any web forms.
Any chance you have a link to the web form you submitted?

No we submitted our passports in US after we returned from India. Here is the webform we used.

One other thing, if IRCC didn’t respond by the time you are in US and ready to submit your passports send passports along with the expired IRCC letter and a letter of explanation about your situation and ask VFS to submit that to IRCC anyway.