Need Guidance Advise on my CRS Scores

My CRS score with Wife as Primary Applicant (34yrs and Masters) is coming at 420. I came to know that the cut-off for FSWP is 67 points but not sure what is the equivalent CRS score. I am 35yrs and Bachelors. Is it good enough to get ITA for FSWP or PNP? Any advise or guidance will be really appreciated. Our IELTS is 8777 or Listening/Reading/Writing & Speaking.

I am assuming that you also wrote IELTS and added the points as dependant’s IELTS… Even 430 would be enough for at least Ontario PNP… So try improving both ur scores more… U can check out the crs with various combinations of the modules of IELTS… But 8777 is the minimum required…

Thanks. Actually after some checking found out that my wife may not be eligible to be Primary as she does not have continous yrs of exp for more than 1 yrs even as she spent time preparing for master, completing masters and then we had baby.

With me as Principal, the CRS estimate shows 403 along with CLB 9. So also exploring Ontario PNP.

Also came to know that from Dec 1st, 2018, the ECA needs to be directly sent to WES and others. Since my university does not send directly, is there any other way around it or other agencies who can do ECA and accept Sealed Transcrips with my Institution seal sent from me

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