Need help filling application post ITA

I got PNP approved and received 600 points to my EE profile. I got ITA in the last draw, while filling the PR application should I mention my bachelors in education history or personal history?? because i got pnp approved based on the 2 year canadian graduate certificate and work experience in that province so did not bother to do ECA for bachelors also i only claimed points for the 2year graduate degree and did no claim any points for bachelors in my EE profile, i have seen in one of these forums that if I mention bachelors in education history i have to submit ECA if not my application gets cancelled or rejected. Should i do ECA for bachelors and put it in my education history or just leave it in personal history

I am really confused as to what to do, any help in this regard will really be appreciated

Just put it in the Personal History section. That way you don’t need to do the ECA.