Need Immediate Answers regarding PR application #timesensitive

We received the golden “Ready for Visa” email in the first week of June 2022. But we recently gave birth to a child in US and we need to add this child as a dependent in the application. I sent out a webform already to IRCC informing about this change as they have clearly mentioned in the email asking us to intimate them for any life change. We are yet to hear back them.


  1. IRCC gave only 30days to send the passport and other documents. will this updating dependent child delay our processing further? If so how long ? Has anyone been in the similar boat?

  2. Can we submit both mine and my spouse passport for now since we raised a web form for the US kid?

  3. We already started the passport application process for the child in US. But I’m sure this will take a month. Is getting passport and add the child as dependent, the only option? Or can we process the PR later if So, what are the merits and demerits ?

  4. Recently renewed my spouse passport and got a new passport number, in that case will it create a problem with the application, because my initial application was created with the old passport number?

  5. What steps/documents would be asked by IRCC for adding dependent now?

We have been waiting for this email for almost two years. Now the current situation is giving us slight anxiety.

Please ! share your thoughts and comment on this.

We were not in the same situation but our baby was born before we received the ready for visa email. Our timeline in detail: Addition of New Born / Express Entry / AOR Received / FSW | Canada Immigration Forum

  1. It’s hard to say how much will be the delay for adding child and getting another “ready for visa email”. In my case, it took around 4 weeks from the date I did the upfront medical for my baby. But to do the upfront medical, you need the passport and for passport, you need the birth certificate. So you can estimate based on this. Our baby was born at end of Nov 2021 and we received passport around Feb 1st week (because birth certificate in California was taking 8 weeks. Passport itself took only 2 weeks).

  2. I don’t think it makes any sense to submit your and your wife passport now. Ideally, there should be some number you can call IRCC, but I am not sure what is the number. I never tried. But in general, since you have sent the webform, I would not worry about not sending passport within 30 days. They will not cancel your PR application based on this since they can see the webform from you on their record.

  3. Since you have not yet gotten your Visa and CoPR, the only option you have is to add your child to the application as the dependent. I am quite sure it is not possible to add your child later. If you already had done soft landing and become a PR before your child was born, you could have applied PR for child after reaching Canada.

  4. I think you should raise webform to update passport number.

  5. Pls see the thread I linked. It has details on what all documents to upload.

Regarding communication with IRCC, sending webforms and getting them to act on it is sort of hit or miss. The main thing that I noticed gets their attention for adding new born baby is to do the upfront medical. I got a IRCC email within 2 days of when I did upfront medical of my baby, where they created new upload buttons in online account for uploading all documents for my baby.

Hi Arjun,

Thanks for the reply. It’s a great relief :sweat_smile:

You got the child passport in 2 weeks ? That was cool.

I got the birth certificate for my child at the end of 4 weeks and applied for passport under expedited processing. :crossed_fingers: to get it in two weeks like you.

Your suggestion to go for upfront medical once I get the passport is great idea. I will do that.

Since there was no communication from IRCC for the submitted webform, worried us a bit. I’ll refrain from submitting the passports now.

I have been trying to call the IRCC helpline number 18882422100 almost every day with no success.

Raised another web form to update the passport info.

Like you said, I’m going to wait it out until IRCC add my child as dependent. We have already waited long and additional few months won’t hurt.
Based on the web forums, I learned it’s way too tedious process and wait time to add a child post PR approval.

Thanks MOVNORTH platform for giving this opportunity to connect with people who are/were in similar boat.

I had applied for passport under expedited processing in mid-Jan. I guess their workload was very less at that time. I am not sure if things have changed now. You can keep checking the status in the department of state website.

Once you have done the upfront medical, IRCC should contact you by themselves to upload docs. In my case, I had also sent a webfrom right after the upfront medical and attached all documents in that webform (you will get the upfront medical proof on same day of medical exam). After IRCC contacted me, I uploaded everything one more time on the online application portal.

So sending the webform with documents might have been redundant. But I am not sure whether IRCC responded to my webform, or the upfront medical. So, just in case, send the webform with all documents attached after upfront medical just in case.


Thanks for the thread.

Upfront medical was done as soon as the passport was received last week. After several web form requests with attached documents(birth certificate, passport, IMM0008e,IMM5406e) of the child, received request letter to upload the same in portal. After 2 days, dependent child is added to PR application finally.

Now waiting for another ready for visa email or portal request to send passport.

Happy to answer anyone in similar boat for any other questions.

Hello Tamilan,

I am from India and we are also going through the same situation, we got our baby girl delivered on May 31st and the ready for visa email on June 14th. Couple of web form requests created with BirthCertificate, Passport and IMM0008 but no response so far. We are planning for the upfront medical this week.
Appreciate your update on the new Ready for Visa Email so that we can get an idea on the time frame.


Received Ready for visa email after 4days of portal upload.
Sent all the passports the next day via FedEx express shipment(1day delivery).

After that the exciting news.

Exactly in two weeks, i was able to see the PR approval status in the portal.
Next day, my FedEx return shipping label was activated. Note: You can create return shipment label by yourself for international shipping.

Hurray, received my passport with stamped visa in 2days. Keep in mind, You wont get visa for US passport holders as they don’t need a visa in the first place. But You will get an UCI number and COPR document separately for them.

Hope this threat will be helpful for someone.

Let me know if you have any questions. i will try to answer it.

Good luck everyone.


I have posted my update here:Need Immediate Answers regarding PR application #timesensitive - #7 by tamilan

Let me know if you have any other questions.
Happy to help.

Cheers for the PR :blush: and thank you for the detailed update. I have couple of questions.

  1. How the upfront medical helps to poke IRCC, is there any mention of your Application details in Upfront medical ? Or they just contacted you to upload details as a response to your webform request ?

  2. Now after getting the PR approved, How soon should you land in Canada? Is there any timeline mentioned?

  1. Nothing was mentioned in application. just followed fellow Arjun’s word and based on what i read in other forums about doing upfront medical. I guess in general, webforms are read by humans/officers and responded accordingly. Thats why some webforms receive quick reply than others. Pretty much request to upload was a response to my webform. May be I am wrong.

  2. Validity is until your medical expiry (which is one year).if passport expires prior to medical, then until the passport expiry, which ever is sooner.

Good Luck.

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