New Companies Section (Sneak Peak)

We are working on adding a new Companies section. Sneak peak for you guys. Love to hear what you think. We aim to get top Toronto tech companies and startups to list here. Also if you are a company who would like to be listed here reach out to us

Updates on the new company section. Its still work in progress but I now have like 30+ listings. I really would love some feedback from you guys is this something you would like to see more off and what kind of information or categories are you looking for.

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This is good I hope you can add even more companies to the list. Can you also add more information like jobs and which of these companies is hiring. A job section would be really useful listing all the jobs in Toronto for tech people coming in on pr. I have been going though this list thank you since I did not know most of these companies and I can now see they are doing work in my area. You have recommended using linkedin to reach out to these companies can you highly some tips or other suggestions on how to do this. If it ok for me to email the company or only go though their jobs page.

I’m working on a jobs page I agree it would be valuable. I’ve been asked multiple times for this. At this point I don’t have enough info on how to set this up. Will look into it later today. On the start / company list I have some more ideas also looking to grow the list so watch for this.

This is great! Thanks @anon25417004