New: Digital Nomad Visa Canada + Easy Pathway for H1B visas

Hi just wanted to share the latest initiative by the govt of canada to attract talent.

“The digital nomad strategy is going to allow people who have a foreign employer to come and work in Canada for up to six months, live in communities in this country and spend money in communities in this country, and should they receive a job offer while they’re here, we’re going to allow them to continue to stay and work in Canada,” - more on the link below.

This is great news as this track will not require work visa specific to canada as one can come in as digital nomad that opens the pathway for other things.

And for H1Bs the process is even simpler

"Going forward, as of July 16, we will have a stream that will allow 10,000 H1B visa holders in the United States to come and work in Canada.”

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