New in Kitchener-Waterloo Area

Hi Folks, This is Rahul, I moved recently(in June) to Kitchener from San Jose. Looking to make new friends in the area. If you are new here like me or if there is a community/whatsapp group I can join, please suggest. Hoping to hear from some of you soon :slightly_smiling_face: Stay safe and take care!

Note: If anyone here has any specific questions about moving, feel free to tag me in your posts.

Hi Rahul, great to hear that you’ve made KW your new home, and welcome to Canada! I’m a USA transplant myself, been here for a couple of years and love it - took minimal time adjusting. I’ll DM you details of the whatsapp group.

Just curious, what led you to choose to move to KW? People usually end up choosing GTA or Vancouver, it’d be interesting you hear your perspective.

@ak45 Thank you! Please let me know WhatsApp group details.

I moved to KW as I am working remote full time.

KW is a beautiful place with friendly people. Lots of friends moved to KW when it came time to raise their families. Congratulations on your move!

Did anybody buy house in K-W area?
What are average prices there for a 3 or 4 bedroom house which is less than 10 year old or more than 10 years or about 20years old?

The market here is crazy just like any other growing part of Canada. Bidding wars are the norm with multiple firm offers. Average selling price for a detached was ~650k (what I remember from a few months ago, may have gone up since then). Check housesigma/zolo/realtor for more stats.

Hi - I am planning to move to Kitchener in April, can you please share any good apartments to live? Thanks Amit