Next Express Entry Draw

Hello All,

Any idea of when the next Express entry draw would be held and the probable cut off?

Check this page every Wednesday:
CRS has remained >= 440 all year.

It happens after every two weeks…next draw is expected on 6th June…and I expect cutoff near about 439-441

Just submitted the profile, hope I made it in time, score is 474

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Lets hope for the best. You will definitely get an invite.

Next draw is expected today, but there is no result now. Any idea?

Even I am waiting for it to happen. Draws normally happen around 12-2 pm UTC. We are well past that.

No draw today. Definitely on 13th.
It’s like they want to maintain the CRS above 440 on purpose.

@acheema How are you so sure that there wont be any draw today?

On Feb 7th the Draw was held at 16.55 UTC. Just hope for the best.

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Not sure on the exact times. Is there any official announcement that happens for telling that there will be a draw, or a draw has happened?

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Yes. So after May 24th, ideally there was to be a draw today. My guess is that, based on the provincial nominations and federal trade draw that happened on May 30th, there might be a week’s delay from now.

Does that imply that the CRS scores would rise beyond 450’s? There was a 3 week gap in Feb/March and the scores jumped from 442 to 456.

The page only shows history of previous draws, I couldn’t find any information about upcoming draws.

There is no advance information about upcoming draws. The day of the draw, that page gets updated with new information.

Oh I see, hope they do next draw soon.

@avj What do you think will be the cut off score for the next draw which probably would be held on the 13th. There will be a 3 week gap. It was 440 for the last draw. Just want a prediction.

Tough to say. Usually there’s a trend but not always necessarily. On the news they’re saying it’s the lowest CRS cutoff this year so my guess is it will be the same or higher.

it will go down for sure to 438-440…because there are only few hundred people now between 441-450 or 450+… as per count till may 24

Agreed, but don’t you think its already been 2 weeks since then. That would have changed a lot. I would hope it stays in the range you specified.