NEXUS Online Application & PR Card Number

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I finished SoftLanding through Detroit Windsor border in Nov 2018. I have received my PR Card, and I am trying to apply for NEXUS card so that I can live in Windsor and Keep working at my current job in Detroit.

The NEXUS Card Online application through the TTP website requires a 8 digit PR Card to be entered into the system, but the Canada PR card number is a 7 digit number that starts with PB followed by 7 digits on back side of the card (Reference : )

How I can successfully fill in the 8 digit PR Card number in the NEXUS application ?

Did anyone in this community apply for NEXUS online recently ? If so, how did u fill in the 8 digit required PR Card number section with Canada’s 7 digit pr card number ???

Check the front of your PR card. Should have an “ID number” (10 digit) in the front
E.g. 12-3456-7891 in this case, 34567891 will be the number you enter in the TTP application.

ok, thanks for the reply avj, I will try filling in the TTP application with last 8 digits of my ID no aka. UCI number, and see how it goes

Hey, do you have an update on this? I am also applying my NEXUS application with my Canadian PR card. Which PR card number I should use? Thanks!

last 8 digits of the UCI number

Thanks. I just submitted my application. Have u got any updates on your application?

I see a 8 digit number (Document Number). Can I use that instead?