No 'Benefits' mentioned in job letter by my company

The employment letters I received from my companies meets all the conditions as per IRCC website except my ‘Benefits’ .
Company have mentioned annual salary no benefits. My company in India did not have any benefits other than salary.
But my company in USA does have benefits like Medical insurance (they pay around 75 percent of the premium) and 401K.

I don’t think I can ask for the letter again since it can jeopardize my job. Would not having benefits in employment letter be fine ?

Yes, it should be absolutely fine as long as they have mentioned your salary.

what do you think?

I have read in some forums that it is needed.

So you think that CIC will not consider your work experience if your company doesn’t offer you benefits?

The employment reference letters are used to validate that you have worked for an employer performing the job duties you mentioned in your NOC and it was a legitimate paid employment. Your salary states that it was a paid employement.

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Ok. Thanks!

the above questions did not warrant a separate post. I think you should have posted in an ongoing threads regarding work experience.

Yup. My bad. Thanks for letting me know.

Salary is good enough.