No ITA after clearing cutoff

My wife has a CRS score of 481 and is in the civil engineer NOC code - qualifying for the STEM-based category. In the recent draw, the cutoff score was 481 with the tie-breaking rule on Nov 25. The application was submitted on Oct 8. She did not get the ITA and we are not sure what would be the reason behind it. Did anyone face a similar issue? What should be the course of action here?

Not sure of the timing of the draw you are referring to - but note that it can take 24-48 hours for the ITA to show up. Since I’m posting 20 days later, hopefully the ITA has since shown up.

Alas, what I’m seeing elsewhere is that if the ITA doesn’t come then there’s nothing that can be done but to wait for the next draw. It seems that even if there is a computer glitch that is the fault of IRCC that fails to assign an ITA to you, the spots are all taken and so there’s no way to grant the ITA afterwards…

Might be worth sending a webform on IRCC’s website just in case though.

(In general, this is really bad. It’s easy to imagine an older candidate who submitted close to a year ago, who just barely made cut off, but who didn’t get an ITA due to the glitch. The next couple of draws are too high and the candidate’s Expression of Interest eventually expires, and the candidate has now aged out.)