No response regarding our PPR extension

Hello All ,
Looking for advice.
Me and my spouse are currently residing in US and had received our Canada PPR request on May 20th.However our India trip was planned for July 2nd week.
Our India trip was really important for me and my partner as we had our US embassy appointment in India .So we had requested CPC-CTD-Ottawa before the deadline via webform and mail to extend our timeline. However there is no reply from them since 3 months.
I am really really disappointed and clueless on what to do now.Is there any other email id or medium to contact them. Thanks in advance.

Short answer: You will definitely hear back from them, but it will take months.

Long answer, with some contextr:
We had a similar scenario in 2020 when our CoPR expired and we did not want to travel due to birth of child. We reached out every single month, and we heard back 5 months after the baby was born (so 7-8 months of radio silence). When they did respond, I attached every single email I sent (and webform contact - saved as pdf) to let them know that we tried reaching out to them to get extension to CoPR. They again went into radio silence for a few weeks and then sent another response with re-request of medicals. And then issued another CoPR.

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We were in similar situation needing extension of PPR. We had dropped an email to and also followed up on the same mail before we got extension. I hope following up may help (if yet not tried) else they would reply at certain point for sure

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Thank you so much.Your experience really helps and is giving postive vibes.We will follow up with them.

Thank u so much for sharing your experience. Was losing hopes but your response is giving me positivity.