NOC - 2 different job profiles

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I have a question about choosing NOC when I create EE profile.

My first job was in IT (entry level engineer, would probably match NOC 2171 Information systems analysts and consultants) from 2007-2009 and the 2009 portion of the experience I can still use for my FSW/CRS score. My current job is in Medical devices (non IT job) which would be a different NOC, probably NOC 2148 Other professional engineers, n.e.c… Since this is my current job, I can use this work exp for points.

My questions:

  1. Can I use both these experiences i.e. 2 different NOCs while creating EE profile? They are both skill level A professional jobs. However I was told I cannot (by an immigration consultant) They told me NOC should fall under one category, so I either choose the IT job or the medical devices job. PS: When we calculate FSW, there isn’t a note that says work experience must fall under one category/industry.
  2. If the consultant is correct and I decide to go ahead with current medical devices job, do I need work experience letter/salary details only for this job, and proof of employment for the IT job?
  3. Lastly, to create and submit EE profile, am I correct in understanding I only need IELTS score, ECA and NOC info ?

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  1. You can add multipple NOCs. For each job select appropriate NOC and number of years/months worked. Does it give you this option while creating EE profile? If so then that should be OK.
  2. You need reference letter per job that has job duties in detail that match (not word to word) with your NOC. This is for each work experience you are claiming points for. You get maximum points for 3 years of non-Canadian experience.
  3. Yes.
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Hi all,

Giving my IELTS tomorrow which I’m not feeling great about btw. I find certain type of listening questions hard (scientific essays where you have to match the options) and the difficulty of questions is different among different practice websites.
So anyway, even with the best score, my CRS is going to be only 440 max because in the last 10 y, my work exp is only 2 years. I will submit EE in January 2019 and if I don’t get an invite by March when i will turn a year older, my score is going to be lower. Can anyone suggest any options to improve my CRS (canadian job offer is my last resort)? I unfortunately dont have family in Canada and don’t know french.

What about the provincial nominee pathway? Do I have to wait to get an invite from a province or can I initate it? Has anyone here done it?


Hi @vjayaraman, please look at the PNP threads in the community. Most of the PNP related queries have already been answered there.

Hello all,

I’m doing my EE profile and need guidance on choosing NOC for my current job as Regulatory affairs specialist in a medical device company. I help register our products in the US and internationally, correspond with FDA/regulatory bodies, maintain compliance with all regulations, assist in audits/inspections, and help create procedures/processes for compliance. So far I think NOC 1122 matches my profession (also lists my title). But I’m confused because there are 3 versions of NOCs- 2006, 2011 and 2016?

  1. which version should I be using?
  2. Has anyone here in med devices regulatory affairs submitted EE?
  3. Also, need advice on using a 2 month internship (40 hrs/week) and Teaching assistantship (20 hrs/week for 11.5 months which makes it about 5.5 months full time work. was able to get employment letter from grad school for this). This gives me an additional 7 months full time work. I have only 2 years full time work in the last 10 yrs to show otherwise. I know it doesn’t push it to 3 years for better CRS, but could these 7 months help? Hope my calculations are right.
  4. HOW DO I POST A NEW THREAD ON THIS FORUM??? Not able to see that option- i’ve just been hitting reply to post new questions.

Thanks in advance.

Hi vjayaraman,

Did you find NOC code for “Regulatory affairs” ? I’m having tough time finding the correct NOC code for me. I’m a pharmaceutical regulatory affairs professional myself.