NOC 2173 vs 2174 advantages/disadvantages

Hello there.

I work for a major semiconductor company writing firmware. However in the past I’ve worked with application programming, device drivers and also some scripting. So basically a mixed bag.

Under what NOC should I be filing my express entry application? Are these capped? Are there advantages of choosing one over the other?

no caps, use the one which matches with your job duties

Thank you for your answer.
My current job duties match with 2173 but most of my previous experience is with 2174. And I’m targetting companies with 2174 (no embedded) so what should I put my NOC code as?

For express entry, any NOC code will work
Only the job for which you are getting the points matter.

After PR it doesn’t matter, you can work anywhere in any industry.

Thank you for your prompt response sir. Could you elaborate a little more on
“Only the job for which you are getting the points matter” ?

So if I put 2174 as my NOC, does that mean all the non-2174 jobs in my work history don’t contribute to the points??


only 3 year work exp matter’s

You will not get more points even if you add other work experience.