NOC - 2174 - Job Roles Check


I have work experience falling under Job Code - 2174 (Computer programmers and interactive media developers).
And I have listed the job roles & responsibilities below -

• Gathering user requirements for agile business solutioning to the e-commerce website
• Creating Software Requirements Specification Documentation as per company standards for web development services
• Demonstrating the workflow logic using data flow diagrams and entity relationship diagrams
• Identifying technical, software and data related specifications for developing web services
• Writing software code in PHP language for building web services for the e-commerce business as per the business requirement document
• Analyzing and modifying existing code and integration of web pages with backend database and application systems
• Ensuring the developed and/or modified code conforms to industry best practices
• Debugging the defects and fixing them, comparing the test code with production code
• Validating the accuracy of output data and efficiency of code for tracking run-time and optimization opportunities
• Reviewing peer codes and providing recommendations for code performance improvements
• Maintaining the documentation with up-to-date status, specifications and operating procedure of the individual web-services
• Generating weekly and monthly reports showing performance of the web-services for review and optimization purposes

Can someone peruse and confirm if they align with the NOC specifications and let me know in case of any changes to be done.
Looking forth to an immediate response.