NOC and confusion over choosing primary occupation

Hi Guys,

Appreciate if u could provide me with a solution for the dilemma I’m facing w.r.t NOC and primary occupation.
My situation is this:
I have a work experience from Singapore from 2009 to 2013, but the NOC 1315 is regulated partially. For example, customs broker is regulated but the Cargo broker duties aren’t. I’m skeptical about using this one as my Primary occupation as I feel demands for this job isn’t very high or to very minimal demands -( Again, does this matter as a criteria (demand for jobs) to choose primary occupation).

Another problem is my recent work experience as a retail supervisor in Perth Australia is sufficient as well. But the company is closed and non-existent at the moment- Sold off to people I have no idea about, because I had resigned before the sale occurred. Although, my manager can give me a reference, we don’t have a letter head. But she can provide me with a genuine reference.

I’m confused between choosing the right NOC for my primary occupation, considering my present limitations and constrictions. Whether to go for 1315- which is partially regulated and very minimal demand or to go for 6211, which is alright with regards to demands but I don’t have a reference letter with company letter head but the ex manager can vouch for me.
Appreciate a good response from good folks here.