NOC Category- are some better than others?

I am an IIT-IIM Grad, with 15 years’ experience in Software Services sales for one of the top 5 outsourcing companies from India (Wipro/TCS/Infosys). I seem to be fitting any of the 3 NOC categories below- would like to know if one is better than other:

0015- sales general manager – trade, broadcasting and other services
0601- key accounts manager – sales
6221- software sales representative

Is there any other category that would be better than these 3?

Thanks in advance!

This Canadian government website has details on every NOC number. For example see the link below. Find the NOC with the job title that matches your work experience. You have to pick one primary NOC and can pick additional if your work experience spans NOCs. Keep in mind you will need to back those up with proof of work letters for each NOC and year of experience that you claim on your application. You get points for max 3 years of foreign work experience.

0015- sales general manager – trade, broadcasting and other services

On a side note if you can get a Canadian Job offer for a 0015 NOC position than you can claim upto 200 extra point almost guaranteeing a PR

I had the exact question posted by OP
As a follow-up, on what basis do we pick a primary NOC? Should it be the one with most no. of years of experience, or the most recent one etc.? For eg., can I pick a NOC which I worked 7-8 years back, because it comes under type 0 (software developer)

You will only get points for years of work done against an NOC of skilled level B or higher. The NOC should be for work experience of at least 1 year (1,560 hours total / 30 hours per week), continuous and within the last 10 years.

Usually the primary NOC is for the kind of work you will be doing in Canada but this is not a requirement. You can only claim max 3 years of foreign work experience. Yes you can nick an NOC from 7-8 years ago as long as you can back that up with proof of work documentation.

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