NOC Code 2173 or 2174

Im a generic software developer in big company.
My job duties involve both 2173 and 2174. (more hands on coding)

Is there any benefit in picking one code over the other?
Does it even matter?

why are you creating new threads… there are already existing threads for similar topic… :slight_smile:

To make this a general answer about NOC’s it only matters that your proof of work letter match the NOC description, titles, etc as close as possible.

If you look at the “Statistics Canada” website for NOC 2173 you’ll get a ton of information about what matches that NOC. You will also see a section called “Exclusions” think of this as the boundary wall for this NOC so for example if you were an engineering manager or web designer / developer than you would have cross this boundary wall and you would need to use a different NOC.

National Occupational Classification (NOC) 2011

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