NOC code for computer science post doc

I am trying to fill out the Express Entry application section where it asks for NOC code for my former employment. I worked as a post doctoral research fellow in a private (non-university) research institution in the field of computer science. I am unable to find any NOC code that matches this employment.

Closest matches I could find:

4011 University professors and lecturers
4012 Post-secondary teaching and research assistants
2173 Software engineers and designers

Any suggestions on which NOC to choose?

Look at what % of your job falls under the NOCs you have mentioned. If your post-doc was 70% writing code, software releases, testing etc, then choose 2173.

It is not the title / designation, rather the job duties/ responsibilities that match up. Hope it helps.

Update: Turns out that the correct code for a “post doctoral research fellow” is NOC 4011.

If you go to the NOC 4011 page, it does not list this designation. But it has an All Examples link there - and that page lists this designation.

Yes, which is what I mentioned above as well. Title / designation does not matter for NOC. As long as the responsibilities/ job duties line up with what you do, that is all is required.