NOC code for Data Scientists for PNP program in Ontario and BC


I am an experienced Data Scientist (>8 years) in US. Last year, I had applied for IRCC express entry with CRS score - 464 but it was not picked. Now, due to age my score has dropped to 454. I am planning to apply PNP nomination in Ontario or British Columbia. The PNP nomination is given to selected NOC codes.

My work requires computer science application of data structures, algorithms, object-oriented programming (Python), Mathematics, optimization and Machine Learning model development as we are building a customer mapping engine product which is an unsupervised ML recommendation engine, this product is a part of platform for the company. My other work experience deals with text analytics-NLP, Deep learning ML models, Forecasting, Propensity ML modeling etc.

In my last express entry profile, I had used 2161 – Mathematicians, statisticians and actuaries but PNP nomination is not given for this NOC code.

So, my question is will I be eligible for NOC code: (a) 2173 – Software engineers and designers or (b) 2174 – Computer programmers and interactive media developers? Which NOC code is better suited? In my work experience letter, do I have to prove how my job is related to NOC code ?

2172 – Database analysts and data administrators is not fit for my work.

I DO NOT have Bachelors/Masters degree in Computer Science or Statistics. I have graduate degree in Materials Science with couple of Statistics courses and that helped me enter the Data Science field. Over the period of years, I have to do significant programming for implementing ML models in business problems.

I have looked at all the different topics in the forum but not able to find the right answer. Data Scientists can come from different backgrounds like Computer science, Mechanical/Civil/Materials Science engineer, other engineering background, Physicists etc. Any insight and help will be appreciated.


Hi Dip, I’m pretty sure 2173 fits for you. I applied as 2173 as I’m data engineer and my application is processing. I also got the PNP nomination for BC.


it is 2172 …source is my ICT work permit … I am a data scientist as well

@rsher60 Thanks for confirming this! Can you please share a sample duties and responsibilities letter (or reference letter)? You can remove any confidential information before sending me. I would like to create one for my Express entry application. Thanks!

@rsher60 I see that the duties and responsibilities mentioned for 2172 in the webpage does not seem relevant to Data scientists. In such a scenario, it makes it difficult to draft the reference letter such that there is at least around 75% overlap.