NOC code for Product Manager

I work as a product manager in Silicon Valley, What would a good NOC be?
Also I used to be a software engineer 5 years ago and have over 6 years doing that. Should I apply as a software engineer instead? This is for express entry application.

Thanks for asking this question. I have similar experience and have been working as a product manager for 6+ years. Also I have been an engineer for 4 years prior and Business Analyst for 3 years. Would love to know what a good NOC should be applicable for my profile. Also can we add multiple NOC’s?

You can apply with multiple NOC codes (1 primary) that cover your work experience over the last 10 years. Keep in mind you will need to get “proof of work” letters to prove your work experience from previous employers for each of the NOC’s. You will get points only for a max of 3 years of foreign work experience.

Asked here before NOC suggestions for Project/Product Manager

It seems 0213 matches the responsibilities of a product manager. Some of the listed titles seems to be a good match.

software development manager
computer systems manager

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I do have more than 1+ years of exp as Product Manager in Canada and Almost 4 years in India. I do have Masters in Engineering Degree from Canada. As per NOC Code 0601 do i need to have Business degree or diploma , My background (Under grad and Masters are Technical), Can you please share your thoughts.