NOC code for product support executive

Dear Experts,

Can anyone assist me to find the NOC Code of Product Support Executive.

I am working with a edtech company, who provide e-learning services to schools/educational institutes.

My job responsibilities are:

1. Help schedule regular funtoot classes as part of timetable. Ensure that funtoot classes happen as per agreed timetable.

2. Stay upto date on funtoot product deployment, features and functionalities. You should get trained on funtoot for all new releases and features. Travel to eDreams HQ for training if needed.

3. Train the students and teachers for using and benefitting from funtoot. Conduct refresher training on all new releases.

4. Give day-to-day clarifications to students and teachers who are primary users of funtoot. Ensure that students and teachers are using funtoot to the maximum benefit.

5. Ensure that any customer satisfaction issues are reported and controlled immediately. This will include customer expectation management on expected product functionality.

6. Provide technical support to users which includes students, teachers and others on funtoot software-related issues: Identifies, researches, and resolves technical problems,working with outside vendors/technical support in HQ as needed, and documents, tracks and monitors problems to ensure a timely resolution.

7. Administer, maintain and implement policies and procedures defined by the Development team for ensuring the security and integrity of funtoot databases and related software applications

8. Keep all stakeholders informed. This includes but not limited to

a. Daily status report to your team lead and manager

b. Weekly report to HQ and School management

c. Monthly or Quarterly review participation with school teachers and management

9. Sign off from Principal/HOD on the Weekly Status Report

10. Daily discussion with teachers on the performance of students

11. Sharing of Weekly Status Report with HO and updating the weekly usage data on the cloud

12. Informing school authorities on any issues in the lab with respect to hardware failures of lab PCs, LAN etc.

13. Informing HO immediately on any hardware failure or software issues on funtoot server.

14. Ensuring funtoot server is updated with the latest version and regularly sync to funtoot cloud server.

Funtoot is a personalized learning platform particularly for grade 2-10

Please do reply. I am extremely confused and need guidance.
Thank you in advance
Dilpreet Kaur