NOC code help requested

Hello Mov North Community!

I am a Chemical Engineer working in a biotech startup as a Business Development associate. I know most of you are from the tech world and this might be outside your expertise, taking a shot with posting on this group.

As a Business Development associate, I am working with internal technical teams, Business Development Director, and larger organization to project manage by:
a) coordinating/tracking activities in service of project milestones (e.g., keep track of in-flight experiments and outcomes vs. milestone requirements),
b) preparing communications materials for client (e.g., concise report of progress made/dashboard for quarterly meetings)
c) surfacing and characterizing risks/dependencies for successful project execution
d) developing in-depth knowledge of the market, industry, and potential clients in Biotech, Food, Agriculture

My sense is that my NOC code should be either 0125 or 0211. However my title doesn’t include a manager (i.e. I am not a manager). Thoughts?
I have tried emailing the NOC Unit in Canada but did not get much direction from them.

Any help would be much appreciated!

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