NOC code, NOC responsibilities and working hours per week

I am in Pre-ITA phase and filling Express Entry online forms. I am applying from USA.
My situation is as below, I’m little confuse about choosing NOC along with adding responsibilities.

Education wise I have below US degree.
• Credential: Master of Science
• Major/Specialization: Information Systems Engineering and Management
• WES – Canadian Equivalency: Master’s degree

The company, that I have 3+ years of experience with, acquired by another company. So, I don’t have any hopes of getting reference letter. I have other supporting documents like all pay-slips and experience letter that proves the duration.
To prove my responsibilities, I decided to ask ex-collogue and get the reference letter signed from him.
I have below questions:

  1. Does it really matter whatever NOC I choose either 2173 or 2174, since I don’t have letter from company? In real, my experience is on Software Development side (.Net Development)

  2. Can I just copy all the responsibilities listed in below official link ( if I choose 2173 ) and paste in the reference letter and get it signed from ex-collogue on plain paper? Or I should modify these to make it more real.


  1. Do I need to get above letter notarized, since it’s on plain paper, not on letter head?

  2. My none of the letters, including pays lips, mention number of hours worked per week. Can I just include number of working hours in above reference letter along with all responsibilities?

Please advise.

  1. Reference letter from colleague should have job duties matching whatever NOC code you decide to go with. If you are s/w dev you can go with 2173.
  2. Job duties should be what you did at work. The wording can be similar but probably not copy paste.
  3. If your colleague is OK getting it notarized then it’s OK else notarization is not necessary.
  4. Yes.

Have you asked your current/former company for reference letter? They should be able to give you on whatever letterhead they are using now. If they have refused then printout that refusal as proof that you tried to get one but couldn’t,; this is important.

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Thanks @avj for the quick response, I really appreciate.

I left that company 4 years ago. I had continuous 3+ years of experience there.

I tried to reach out to my HR over LinkedIn but didn’t get any response. I tried to reach out to the new company, which acquired my company, but I received no response. I had some emails of old management folks but none of them are working.

However, as you said, I have to provide refusal letter, how could I get one if company doesn’t exists anymore? I can provide proof that company is acquired by another one, like web links and screenshots.

Please advise.

Hi ,

I am currently working as Technical Architect. This is the most recent role with more than 3 years of experience in this role. So like to use the same during profile creation.

While checking the NOC code - 2173 Software engineers and designers the list of job title has -technical architect – software.

Most of the duties mentioned under 2173 matches my current role.

But as i mentioned my role doesn’t say software at the end . So will it case any issue if the documents submitted says "Technical Architect"only.

Take screenshots/printouts of all the efforts you have taken and include and explain them in letter of explanation. Then add your colleagues’ letters and pay stubs and other official letters that should be enough.

Thanks @avj

One more question. I read somewhere that I will have to provide business card of the ex-colleague who is signing. He has business the card of the company he is currently working on. He doesn’t have a business card of the company that he worked with me. So, is it fine if I provide his current company’s business card only.

I did not provide business card, I don’t think mandatory. If they have one from whichever company they can add that. The more official it looks the better.

Thanks @avj :grinning:

@anon25417004 @avj - Any idea on the title. Does it need to be matched exactly.

Please advice.

The job duties should match the NOC description, the title is irrelevant. If I’m not wrong, a technical architect is a solidly software engineering job so 2173 should be fine just make sure the job duties match.