NOC Codes and Reference Letters


I have total 6.5 years of experience and 5 jobs. My NOC codes for post of them fall under 0124. My last job title falls under 2175. However my roles and duties were also from 0124 in addition to 2175.

How do I take this forward? Also, can anyone share the reference letter sample.

Thank You in advance.

Procced with the roles and reaponsibilities which are mentioned for that particular NOC code. The designation may vary. Multiple NOCs can be added

@RIVAL please help me with the below query

I want to apply for Ontario PNP I have experience from 3 companies ( 4 years +1.5 years +1.5 years)
Can I add all these to make it 7years ?
The NOC code is the same.

I will have to get the reference letters from all the 3 companies along with the payslips of every month ?

Please advise.

I am not sure about the PNP rule, please check PNP rules, check each NOC code which you are planning to add and based on the job description mentioned there plan if you would be able to combine all 3 work ex into 1 NOC or 3 separate NOCs