NOC for Data Analytics Profile


Are there any analytics folks that are applying for express entry? I’m looking for help to identify the correct NOC as none of 2171 (Information System Analysts and Consultants) or 2172 (Database analysts and data administrators) or 2161 (Mathematicians, statisticians and actuaries) seemed to justify analytics + reporting profile, any pointers would be much appreciated.

My profile:

  1. Perform quantitative and qualitative statistical analysis, identify patterns and correlations and generate insights to achieve organization’s strategic goals
  2. Enhance and maintain existing reports; Develop new data visualization dashboards and provide a self-serve platform with real-time insights to clients utilizing platforms such as Tableau and Chartio
  3. Explore and analyze data from multiple sources. Identify and accurately map data anomalies using SQL
  4. Generate weekly/monthly/ad-hoc reports with product and business trends for multiple categories, sales territories and departments and competitive market share, enabling business to make informed decisions
  5. Collaborate with multiple business segments and serve as a subject matter expert resolving business issues using direct and indirect data
  6. Seek to continually improve upon reporting standards through industry best practices




I have an analytics background and am currently in a Senior Consultant role with job duties similar to yours. I decided to go with 2172 (Database analysts and data administrators), since there is a good amount of overlap with the job duties listed under this code. The idea is to go with something with the closest match. 2172 mentions “analyze data and perform data mining analysis”, which was the key for me. If you have a software engineering background and you look at the “Employment Requirements” section for 2161, you will realize that is probably not the best code to select for people in our boat. As far as 2171 is concerned, that’s too generic and seems better suited for Tech Consulting profiles. These are just my opinions. Hope this helps.



Thanks Sid - I used 2172 as well.