NOC Selection for Pharmaceutical background

Hi Everyone,
I have a masters degree and a bachelors in chemical engineering. I have been working as a Manufacturing Chemist in the Pharmaceutical industry. my role is a liaison between the drug manufacturing department and quality control department in which i perform duties related to both the department.
although my title indicates chemist, I do not perform the duties listed on the NOC code (2112). I perform most of the duties involved with 2211 ( technologist) with some other additional duties. which NOC code do I need to select since I already have chemist in my job Title and also I do not have any degree in chemistry as the employment requirements suggest. Thank in advance for the help.

I welcome suggestions. Thank you.

Choose the code whose duties most closely match your own. Job titles are fairly irrelevant. In this case it sounds like 2211 is your best match.

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I have to agree with @northern here, it is the job duties in your employment letter that have to match with the ones laid out in the NOC. It is understood that job titles are fairly subjective.

here are my duties, please review them and suggest me the final code please:

Title: Manufacturing chemist.


  1. Serves as a technical liaison between manufacturing and quality control departments.
  2. Tests and analyzes Pharmaceutical dosage forms using advanced scientific techniques such as HPLC (high performance Liquid chromatography), UV-VIS (UV visible spectroscopy) for the finished drug and in-process drug products.
  3. Assist the product development team in execution of Bio-batches (Abbreviated New Drug Application) and validation batches in various chemical unit operation phases.
  4. Perform execution of installation qualification, operational qualification and performance qualification of chemical equipment.
  5. Analyze the TOC (Total organic carbon) to determine the water quality and perform tests for determining moisture content using Ohaus analyzer, Disintegration time of the drug.
  6. Assist in Developing testing procedures and perform quality control activities and assist in preparing technical reports using the results.
  7. Compile the documents and analyze the data of the validation batches.
  8. Perform process validation, test method validation, calibrations and Develop the standard operating procedures for the chemical equipment.

Thanks in advance.