Non-IT/tech folks - advice

Hello everyone,

I am a biologist currently working in academia in the US and am in the process of getting the coveted Canadian PR. I have been a long-time lurker of this community and have benefitted from the many useful discussions in this forum. However, I noticed that a lot of the posters here are from a IT/tech background. I am curious about the experiences of the non- IT/tech members of the community. For those who have already moved, how was the transition? For those who are planning to move, what are you plans? I greatly appreciate any input!

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Unfortunately, I don’t think you’re going to get many non-techies to respond here :slight_smile: I have a PhD and work in a similar field like you (in industry). I’ve applied to several positions and made it to the final round each time. Haven’t had any luck so far in getting an offer. I’ve also applied to positions in major schools in Canada (low salary but excellent benefits) like U Alberta and Uni of Toronto. Both times I was provided detailed information on the benefits provided and asked to submit references names but they ended up hiring locals for those positions. It was disappointing but I’m staying strong and continuing to interview for corporate/academic positions.

Strangely I haven’t had any trouble in getting interviews and cold emailing the hiring manager directly with a well-structured email explaining my strengths for any positions has worked out in my favor. It’s a tough situation because I have a ton of contacts in the US and could find new jobs tomorrow in my field if I wanted to live here long-term. I have no contacts whatsoever in my field in Canada and the specific jobs in my area are extremely few (think 100’s of jobs in NYC vs 4-5 jobs in Toronto that pay 1/4th what I make now).

It’s a tough time but staying persistent is the only option! Wishing you best of luck.

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Thank you so much for your reply @MissMapleFry! I am glad I am not alone. I am also planning to move to the industry although like you I am planning to apply to both industry and academic positions. I also have noticed that there are comparatively few jobs that fit my qualifications. Are the benefits that different from the benefits offered by a typical US company/university?

Your suggestions on how to hunt for jobs are very useful! Are you already in Canada? Or are you still based in States?

All the best with your job hunt!!

There are significantly fewer jobs in STEM fields. For professional positions at universities, the benefits seemed like they were pretty amazing. For e.g. at Uni. of Toronto for certain academic/professional positions, they have a beyond outstanding pension plan (it’s called a defined benefit pension plan which you can google to learn more), tuition waivers, childcare benefits, etc. It’s all public information and you can find it all on their website.

I’m in the NYC area and we’re hoping to move by early next year or earlier. Let’s see how things go :slight_smile: Best of luck to you too!

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Hi @glow,

Just wanted to say that I found my ‘dream’ job which would be a step up in the STEM area that I’m working in right now (this is after a string of final round interviews and no-offers) :slight_smile: Sometimes things work out in the strangest ways!
We’re looking to move to Ottawa at the end of the month although there are tons of restrictions in place to fly to Canada right now. Very excited about the new opportunity. I’m wishing you best of luck as well.

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