Obtaining a Job Offer in Canada while in the USA

Hello All,

My CRS score is low 350 and I’m looking for the best route to get in to Canada.

I considered the following options:

  1. Retaking IELTS (with CLB 9, I can get to 400)
  2. Get a Post Graduate Certificate or 1 yr Masters (might get be close to 430)
  3. Getting a Job offer from Canada Employer

I feel getting a Job Offer from Canada Employer and working there for atleast 1 year seems to be the only guaranteed way for me to move to Canada, with my current score.
Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Considering my situation, please share your thoughts and ideas in hunting for a Job in Canada and the steps needed from my end to get through in obtaining a Job offer and Work Permit, while in the USA.

Note: I’m working as a Solution Architect currently in the USA, with over 15yrs of experience (most of it in US)

Thank You!

Increasing your score through IELTS is more easier is what I feel, bcz it’s in ur hands, when compared to getting a job in Canada which depends on many external entities. Moreover it’s faster also. Just some practice is all it takes to get the required score…

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I also have CRS score of 370 and after attempting IELTS 3rd time I got Band 7.5.

Now I don’t want to give IELTS again to increase CRS score. instead I am looking for job offer from Canadian Employer which will be helpful in getting ITA early.

Sagar Amritkar


What options are you using to find jobs from Canada employers?

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Thank you for responding Prabhakar, even if I get a CLB 9, I may not be able to get enough score.
Well, using the below calculation I might be able to get far to 420. Which is yet not enough :frowning:
IELTS 9 + Masters - age factor = 420
But, if I find a job, then I might be able to get thru.

I have a the same question. I’m a 7 yrs experienced Android app developer in the US and I’m too wondering what would be the best route to get a Canadian job offer (either for PR or WP)

If you want to get a Masters (i.e. spend 1-2 years) then might as well get it from a good Canadian university; it’s cheaper than in US and it will be easier to find a job and get work permit/PR. Additionally, I think students can also work outside campus on a work permit.

You can also start networking/searching for jobs the usual way.

I am using indeed and Canada jobs to apply for jobs.

Also looking for contacts on linked in.

Let me know if you know any consultancy which can arrange interview for Canadian Employers.


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Any luck in securing the job offer / LMIA from Canada.
I am also in a similar situation like yours and planning to start my Canada express entry profile and currently evaluating if it is even worth since age is not on my side and moreover with good IELTS I will not be crossing CRS-400.
Do you think if it is even worth it to try and start the express entry profile.
Only hope is to get a Job offer with LMIA that will bump my score to 450.