OINP needs a Notification of Interest from Ontario?


I have a CRS score of 439 with and my IELTS score is:
L: 8
R: 7
W: 8
S: 9

And my sibling is a PR already.

I’m single, 31 years old, and have been working abroad for nearly 5 years. The latest draw was 462. Wondering if it will reach 439 for me to be eligible. I have applied and I’m waiting as of now.

I was looking up on Ontario - OINP program here: https://www.ontario.ca/page/ontario-immigrant-nominee-program-oinp

It says that I need to receive a notification of interest from Ontario. Is it something I can control? What else could I do to increase my chances or the CRS score?

Thank you!


You cannot control it. Every months they select candidates in the EE pool and send NOI’s depending on their NOC requirement. In your EE application, you need to select “Ontario” OR “All provinces and territories” option in order to trigger this PT NOI.