OINP nomination - Softlanding in Vancouver

Hi All,

Me and my family have received our CoPR which is expiring in first week of July, so want to complete softlanding as soon as possible. I received my ITA after being nominated through OINP. My landing province and destination as expected is Ontario/Toronto. We live in Seattle and would like to avoid flying to east coast if possible due to COVID so looking at the possibility of doing softlanding in Vancouver, BC.

Has anyone who has been nominated by OINP successfully completed softlanding inBritish Columbia or another state other than ON? Will really appreciate a response on this.



Just curious if you were able to do the soft landing ?

I am an SINP nominee and I did my soft landing in Ontario without any issue last month. And I know couple of other people also who did same.

I am not recommending it, but I would suggest that be prepared for the question that why you are you in BC and not going to ON. And you should have a very good and convincing reason for it.