OINP work history?

Hi all,

I recently got my NOI for Ontario (OINP).

Under my EE profile, I had submitted only 4 years of my recent foreign work experience that goes with my primary NOC and omitted the others because I just need to make sure I have 3+ years of foreign experience for the points. I will be adding the remaining of my work experience in my personal history section - post ITA.

For the work history under OINP, do I need to show all my previous work experience?
Or just the one I am claiming points for?

The OINP website says:

Work History

List all of your paid work experience in the last ten years (or since the age of 18, if this was less than ten years ago). Start with your current or most recent occupation.

Does this mean I have to include all my previous jobs for my OINP application? It’s hard for me to produce reference letters for some of them, as they are all based in India and it’s hard for me to get them.

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