Old company got bought out

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I was previously working in a company (ABC), later bought out by XYZ company. Currently, I am on the work experience tab for my application. My question is, do I put 2 separate work experiences or just mention the XYZ company with all my experience? I have requested the new company to mention that ABC was bought out by XYZ. Will that suffice?



1 experience with an explanation should be sufficient.

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My case was the same. You should mention it as single work experience. Go with the name which are on your payslips/ job letter. I am sure the reference letter from your employer will have the new name on it’s letter head but don’t worry. If they mention abc was taken over by xyz, it should be good

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Thank you!

Thanks so much!

You can mention in your work experience letter “XYZ worked for company ABC which got bought by DEF in year 20xx.” Something like that should suffice.

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Thank you so much!