ON and BC PNP - Is Job Offer Mandatory?

Hi folks,
Lot of good reading material here in the forum! Thanks everyone! My wife and I are planning on exploring the PNP route (specifically, Ontario and British Columbia). Currently in the US, and seriously considering moving to Canada (gave IELTS and WES evaluations are in progress). After reading a bit here, and elsewhere, it looks like I need a job offer from a Canadian employer to qualify for a nomination. (Please point out, if this is incorrect).

Trying to determine the timing around this… And, have a couple questions on it.

  • Do I search for jobs as soon as join the express entry system, and try finding an employer who can extend a job offer to me?

  • Would the employer be willing to wait for a few months while I get an IRA and then CIC adjudicates my case, followed by our move?

Appreciate any inputs/insights!

You don’t need a job offer in all cases. There are many progs and each one has a different set of requirements.

No almost no one I know has gotten a job offer before getting his PR unless it’s a inter company transfer process of some kind. Remotely reaching out to companies without a referral or connection and without PR is one of the hardest routes to getting a job in Canada.

What is your current CRS score?

Thanks, @anon25417004! Score is 427 (IELTS was band 9).

While not high enough to guarantee an ITA it’s not too low either. You should explore PNP options. Also could you or have you added spouses IELTS and ECA might help get you over the finish line.

ur IELTS score seems to be good and looks like you have work experience in US. Howcome your score is only 427 with experience? I am assuming you have MS degree as well