On average how long does PR processing take after submitting all documents?


My AOR was on 14th of June 2018 and my case is still pending. My question is, How long does the PR application take to process. Its 131 days for me as of today.

Also, are there any cases where the PR got rejected in the 5th or 6th month since applying.

I used a Campbell and Cohen Associates post ITA and they did some reviewing but now I am having concerns as the application is taking a long time.

Also, I’ve read most of the rejections are due to bad PCC and NOC codes not matching with Job duties. Is this true?

Your response is appreciated.

Mine took 3 months but this was earlier this year.

I think you can email them to check the status or you can have your lawyers contact them.

Mine took 4.5 months from eAPR - PPR.

Anshul’s took 4.5 months last year. atreides took 3 months earlier this year. A friend of mine took less than 7 weeks to get PPR 2 months ago. I am still waiting (July 20th AOR).

Every case is different and there are more approvals in the 5th and 6th month than rejections (for the good eligible applicants who have documents in order).

So just sit back and relax and do not worry till month #6 or even #7 since it is taking longer and longer now.

@gouthamcooldude My PPR took 102 days (AOR June 22). I’m FSW from USA. FSW-USA seems to be processed quicker than FSW-India. I don’t find any other data point that correlates to shorter processing time. In this forum and canadavisa, you can find people getting PPR anywhere between a month to 6 months. Once it moves to IP2, you will get the passport request within a week or two.